Move Over Chicago, A New City Has Taken The Top Spot For Bed Bugs

After four years claiming the spot as #1 city for bed bugs, Chicago has now fallen to #3. Baltimore on the other hand, has increased NINE spots since last year to take the #1 spot. DC has taken over the #2 spot.

Basically, bed bugs love the DMV. But who doesn't?

Orkin provided a list of tips for keeping bedbugs at bay:

• Inspect regularly — including bed sheets, mattress seams, picture frames, outlets. 

• Decrease clutter to make bedbugs easier to spot. 

• Quarantine and inspect secondhand furniture before bringing it home. 

• Dry infected linens, curtains, etc., on the highest-available dryer temperature to kill the bugs.

Snow Totals from The Bomb Cyclone
Snow Totals from The Bomb Cyclone
How much snow did we actually get?


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