Liam Payne Eats Crickets, Plays 'Whisper Game' & Performs 'Strip That Down'

Liam Payne stops by Z1043 in Baltimore to play his new single 'Strip That Down', but of course he had more than that planned for the visit. 



After performing 'Strip That Down', Liam and Miller try 'The Whisper Challenge'. One person has to wear headphones to block out noise while the other tries mouth out the words to something random. Both of them were equally horrible at it. And it is hilarious! 


Because he said he's always asked to 'play games' while visiting radio stations, he decided to bring his own game for Miller. Before jumping in the studio for an interview, Liam stopped in a market on the lower floor of the building and bought barbecue crickets. Yes, you read that correctly. Crickets. Both of them tried the crunchy snack live on video. 



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